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The Debating Club

As every year the students and teachers of Thomas-Mann school are busy preparing MUNOL. Host families and locations need to be found, just like suitable topics which will be discussed in the Committees of MUNOL 2018. Amongst these preparations the Debating Club is an important aspect for everyone wanting to participate. Every two weeks you have the opportunity to get into debating. The Debating Club is organized by older students encouraging and helping younger people to learn about the rules of procedure and to actively participate in debates.

In the beginning of every meeting the current topic is introduced, a topic dealing with either social, political or economic issues concerning countries all over the world. The students can choose one of many states, which they have to represent as delegates. The Secretaries General and the Chairs run and control the debate, which leads to it being fair and well organized.

A learning-friendly atmosphere is one of the keys of success. After a certain time of writing speeches and collecting arguments for or against the issue, the actual debate starts. After having raised your country´s placard and when being called upon by one of the Chairs, you are allowed to state your opinion as a delegate in front of the other delegates being present.

It is your decision whether the others can ask questions regarding your statements. That way first-timers can slowly get into the system of MUNOL. In addition, your speaking and writing skills will improve rapidly.

To put it in a nutshell, the Debating Club helps you to get confident and to be well prepared when MUNOL starts. So we can’t wait to see you there.

Your Press Team

Mira Abdelal and Helena Lünenbürger

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