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Chair Evaluation Weekend – Preparing for MUNOL 2019

From 9th to 11th November 2018, the Chair Evaluation weekend for MUNOL 2019 took place at the Thomas-Mann-School.

This weekend is part of the preparation for next year’s conference. During the three days, all the chair applicants came together and simulated debates. In addition to the people wanting to become a chair, there were students wishing to become a delegate next year or just those that have fun debating. The chair is responsible for the committee and guides the debate. Each chair applicant had to chair a debate for about 20 minutes so that the secretaries general can see how they are doing and if they know the rules of procedure well enough to be a chair during the conference. Whoever wants to be a chair has to be confident, has to know the rules of procedure and also has to be entertaining, because it depends on them whether the delegates have a good time while debating or not.

The resolutions for the debates were mostly taken from last year’s conference. This year 36 people applied to become a chair during MUNOL 2019.

At the same time, the conference managers had some interviews with their executive team and discussed how they want to lay out the conference. Additionally, all of the executive members attended some workshops concerning their field of work so that they will all be prepared well for MUNOL 2019.

Text: Janne Düppe

Fotos: Lars Machinia