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Countdown to MUNOL 2017

There are only a few weeks left until the much anticipated week of MUNOL. Delegates, Staff and the Executive Team alike are looking forward to five days of debating, partying and meeting new people. Since this year’s conference marks the 20th anniversary of MUNOL, I decided to ask some of the participating students a few questions.

Leonard B., this year’s Secretary General, says that what he loves about this MUN is the so-called “MUNOL-Spirit“, meeting new people from all over the world and getting to know other countries. He is looking forward to his first time as a Secretary General, having participated as a chair and delegate at different MUNs before.

When asked how he would describe MUNOL in three words, Leonard’s answer was fruitful, extraordinary and, of course, munolicious.

As the anniversary conference approaches, the pressure for him grows. “Everbody expects this week to be special and amazing and I don’t want to disappoint anyone.“ Leonard says. But despite that, he feels very honored to have such an important position this year and is positive that this conference will be a success.

And is anything special planned for the 20th MUNOL? Yes, but it’s a surprise! What he tells me is that there is some special merchandise coming our way, but he keeps the rest a secret.

I ask Leonard if he has any advice for everyone taking part. “Delegates should really prepare and  carefully read everything they can find about their country.“ he answers. “Be active and participate in the debates.“ And outside of the debates, be open-minded, talk to others, broaden your horizons and just enjoy the experience.

Lenz B. is a first-time Ad-Staff. When I ask him how he feels about his very first MUN, he says that he is mostly excited, but a tiny bit nervous, too. He is new to the whole experience, after all. If this is the first time you participate in MUNOL, don’t be too scared! The more experienced Staff and the Executive Team are there to answer any questions you might have.

Last but not least, I talked to Nina M., who is the Head of School Management. Her first MUN was “the best week of her life“, so she expects her second one to be an awesome conference with a lot of amazing people, too. Nina is looking forward to meeting new people from all over the world and getting to know them, speaking English and dressing up. Describing MUNOL in three words proved difficult for her, but she finally settled on fun, exciting and unique.

I think we can all agree that MUNOL really is a truly unique and overall awesome experience. But right now, all we can do is count the days until this adventurous week starts.

See you at the Opening Ceremony!

Maya B.

Fotos: © Maya B.